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Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook Review

​​After years of poor health and failed diet fads the world has finally found the answer to curing fatigue, poor sleep, bad skin, headaches and bloated belly syndrome. The Paleo Diet is revolutionizing the way the world eats. No prior knowledge or expertise needed, start cooking Paleo today!

Start your healthy lifestyle while not having problem of :what to eat?" and "how to cook". With Paleo Recipe, you can enjoy your daily food. 

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                        Adam Farrah is an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher and CrossFit and                             Paleo Diet coach. He’s an active blogger and has a B.S. in Chemistry                               from the University of Connecticut​​.

.."Nikki really did a great job putting her Paleo Cookbooks together.They’re well organized, beautifully laid out and have something for every taste preference. I was a chef for years and I STILL learned some great stuff from the Paleo Cookbooks. In particular, I eat a lot of eggs and all the omelet recipes and variations really gave me some great new ideas.Thanks again for putting together two great cookbooks, Nikki!​​​​" ..​

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~ Adam Farrah
Author of Practical Paleolithic, CrossFit Coach and IKFF Kettlebell Teacher​​



"I am in the best shape and the best health of my life since following the paleo diet and the recipes within the Paleo Cookbooks have helped me continue to cook delicious meals that are paleo friendly. I have and will continue to recommended the Paleo Cookbooks to my friends, family and to all the readerson my blog who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle on the paleo diet!" ..

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~ Andrew Rubalcava
Recognized health and fitness blogger​



Andrew Rubalcava created as a way to voice his opinion on the health and fitness industry in an unbiased, results oriented fashion. Through his tireless research and unfunded agenda,Andrew identifies workout and nutritional information in an effort to best serve the efforts of his readers

Paleo Cookbook - Download Herbs and Spices Report
Slimmer, faster, stronger, and healthier. The Paleo Cookbooks are changing people’s lives forever. From breakfasts to snacks to dinners and side salads, there are hundreds of Paleo Recipes to choose from. Never get bored at dinnertime again!
Crossfit Athlete and Instructor Chris Stroud
"I am careful not use the word diet. Although the word is perfectly descriptive it has such a strong negative connotation that I tend not to say the ‘D word’ and instead use terms like healthy eating or nutrition intake. I also tend to tell people that as long as they are eating paleo, they can eat as much as they want." .. 

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​​​~ Chris Stroud

 - Grains
 - Potatoes
 - Lentils
 - Dairy
 - Processed Sugars
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